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7 minutes ago, jawadkhalil267 said:

staying online doesn't works to rank but to find client

Keep dreaming.
Staying online is only good for your electricity provider. He earns money while you are wasting electricity.

You will not get clients by staying online. I noticed that you still have no reviews (probably not even 1 order) after 1 month using Fiverr. Did you stay 1 month online?

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5 minutes ago, freekhan12 said:

hello, everyone 

i am new seller now I am facing a problem which is it . my account has suspended I think. fiver is saying that

All completed steps were saved. Check your draft versions before you continue editing.

please kindly give me answer

Hello brother, you're account is not suspended. It's just a regular maintenance carried out by Fiverr. Hope to back in 2-3 hours. Cheers!

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hello everyone 

I am facing a problem . I have added six gigs but has spent 2 months ,no orders and no impression or no click my all gigs has stopped on one place .I have submitted topics to fiver support but they are not working, please guide me .what should I do?


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