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Hello, my account is not allowed to send messages.....



So I did not know that my account would be blocked for communicating outside of Fiverr, i paid a lot of money in this site and i don't think it is fair that i get blocked to now after all that i did for this site.... Is there any way that i can get unblocked? Not restricted ? Please 🙏 i need fiverr to survive in the Industry.


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I'm sorry, but no. Fiverr are very clear that you can't communicate outside of the platform, they give warnings if you type an @ symbol in a message to state outside communication isn't allowed, etc... It's like the number 1 most important rule of fiverr. 😕

I'm sorry that happened to you, but unfortunately if you have been banned that's the end of it I think.

You could contact support: support@fiverr.com 

But you will probably need to take your services elsewhere, I don't think they usually unban people, especially not for a direct rule violation like that

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