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Can someone from fiverr support help?



Hello Guys and Everyone from he Fiverr Support Team!

I have been offering services on fiverr from las 3 years, kind of services which i am offering i have very low number of repeating buyers, I guess only this is the reason that nor i am getting seller plus or nor top rated, 

Rest all of states i am keeping and maintaining to 100% from last couple of years , but still Failed to get the top rated and seller plus, 

Not sure what to do ? Feeling helpless and disappointed 😪

Can anybody please help me out, really want to move forward stucked on level 2 from last 1 and half year.

Thank You,


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Hi @arttechno - Welcome to the forum!

There are some factors (beyond your control) that may affect whether you become a top-rated seller or not. See this article below:


Not everyone will get the top-rated status. The good news is, you don't need it to make good money on the platform.

As for Seller Plus...there has always been a shortage of success managers, which led to a long waiting list. Fiverr just announced changes to the Seller Plus program that will make this program accessible to more sellers on the platform. This just happened on Wednesday, so maybe you'll be able to join Seller Plus soon!

See this article here:



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