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Your "Cancellation Ratio" feature is unfair and needs to be addressed please!

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Once again, my buyer failed to read my Gigs Description. THEY NEVER READ EVERYTHING and it’s proven OVER and OVER again. 1 or 2 OUT of every 4 buyers CONSTANTLY have to cancel their order because THEY DON’T READ! I say contact me first and they JUST DON’T GET IT!

If you’re going to tell me to be more specific, my reply is, “i couldn’t be more specific to most of these buyers… Honestly even a 6th grader can understand my gig by the way it is broken down in the Gigs Description.” Check my account and you’ll see how ridiculous 90% of my cancellations are. It’s so safe to say that it’s so easy for a buyer to just come in and order without reading(wrongly) and the Gig loses it’s reputation since the cancellation ratio will be affected!

How is this fair to sellers like myself. Buyers mess up, sellers pay. Why don’t you guys add a design or reminder to your order template to say something like, “READ THE DAMN DESCRIPTION FIRST before you order” in nicer words of course because obviously, i state similar statements in my Gigs Description and they STILL DON’T READ!

Fiverr, at least think of something to help sellers who’s gigs may be potentially “hard to understand” if you think that’s the problem… although i personally think “understanding” is not the problem while “reading” is.

I’m quite upset. Nothing is fair i understand but you have the power to make it as fair as you can. If you need 'REAL BRAINS", shoot…hire me!!!

Well, hope yall will not sit this one out. Something can always be done.

Prem K.

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