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Fiverr is scamming sellers BIG TIME


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Stop, drop and read:

This is my new star rating story. Just to make it short

Buyer wants to buy a video testimonial, he is very demanding and rude. I deal with him and deliver the Video, 5 day in advance and responded to his messages within 5 minutes, 100% quality and fast work. His response:

Drop your accent (really, how???)

Make me new video

different background

your emotions where not good

you look to happy

you need to cry on demand

I want the video now

I make him another one, and another one…more demands and a “I will give you 5 star rating” strategy.

Buyer gives 5 star rating for all categories and buys 1 5$ gig again:

He now demands more free work after video was delivered

make me a new video

put on something different

put your hair up

put your hair down

shoot in a different location

I feel sorry for your husband…

laugh more

cry in the video

reshoot, I need you to look different

I am dumbfound your videos are horrible make me new one!

and guess what happened when I said no after 4 free video

seller went back and changed 5 star to 1 star AND!!!

left 3 reviews on 2 gigs, how is that technically possible, with a personal note, I will destroy your gig! Silence is gold, now you have time to think about it!

Answer from CS:

Hi There,

Thank you for your message and I sorry to read about this experience. Following your report our Content Editors are currently looking into the user’s conduct and will take any appropriate steps. Unfortunately, we cannot remove a buyer’s feedback without their consent and I have seen that your buyer insists on his comments staying. I would wait a bit of time before trying to communicate again and asking him for his consent but once you get it, we will be happy to assist you.


Ticket REQUEST #651404

I suspended all gigs and will cancel 100$ worth of orders in Q and will not come back until this is resolved!

This means:

Sellers can be 100% compliant to the gig and Fiver TOC, but Fiverr will only remove feedback or negative rating, IF and only If the buyer feels like it and approves it!

We are at the mercy of a buyers mood, that can change tomorrow not by the quality of the work and service we deliver

we can be blackmailed and financially exploited with no consequences and we pay 20% commissions

Buyers can make sexually harassing remarks with no consequences

If you rate a Buyers stars newer show, it always 5 stars for them!


There is no help from Fiverr and they approve this scam and exploitation, buy not doing ANYTHIK for the seller!!!

Please share your experience, I love Fiverr and I want them to stop this abuse!

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My experience is this.

I had a buyer that requested converting book to kindle format. That happen before start sistem, that means now it can be only worse.

I didnt had extra gigs at that time. So that buyer ordered one gig for whole book. I said to myself, okay, I will do it, no matter how much work is worth and how much I will get for this order. So I spent whole day to make this order. For 4$. But again, gig was quite new and I needed to get people to that gig. I never ask buyers for more money anyway, I always do my orders…

Anyway… Buyer requested this. Kindle eBook. Table of contents should be as in the word doc attached, a line in between chapters. So I did, to look same as in word. I have even account on amazon that I am using to preview books that I am converting. It was perfect.

Then I got this.

The pages run into each other. The cover should just be the cover. Title page should just be the title page. The intro should just be the intro. The toc should just be the toc. The disclaimer should just be the disclaimer page.

From that person…

So I checked again, I took pictures of first 5 pages of ebook to her for proof that it is ok.

I made just one mistake with cover, I added directly to book not outside. And I fixed that and send her back. And around week passed. I thought everything is ok. But message from that buyer.

This is not properly done. Please refund.

Then mine:Did you tried to upload to amazon at all to see how it looks like?

Person: I did. Too many things wrong to list. Refund!

Me: You need to send me proof of that. I send you pictures that everything is ok. Kindle is not same as book. Kindle has different fonts. Dont forget that

Person: I have written 94 books and 10 Kindle eBooks. I know very well the difference between book and Kindle. The font is not the issue. Everything else you did is the issue. If I don’t receive a refund, I will write a review that tells the world how incompetent you are. DO NOT USE THIS FORMATTER. THEY ARE INCOMPETENT!!!

Me : Show me proof of what you are saying and I will refund you. Why should I believe you without any proof???

And another thing I can fix it for free if you show me where the problem is. Every book I formatted it was ok, only you are saying that is completly wrong. I would love to fix it if you show me where the problem is. I uploaded book to amazon to see how it looks and everything looks alright.

Show me where I did wrong

And after few days… Review came,


yes I contancted support and they told me that I could cancel order and when she accept comment will be removed.

So what stupid me did, I requested cancelation, she didnt approved it, she didnt do nothing. So yeah, she got money, she got job done and I got negative review and from that day I didnt get any order for that gig at all.

Worst thing, gig was going quite well for starting, I did with one person here really big book and he was more then satisfied with that book. And we are working together here all time now.

So yeah. I guess sellers are stupid (no offense to anyone) for making orders perfectly and what they will get in return?

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Hello fiverr,

Your help center is very poor(1 LEVEL).

This Client blackmail me ~ "FRAGGLESROCK"


Client demand ~ adult work
I am female.....
Bad management and help center. I leave from fiverr.

Sheriff's Note: Calling out others is not allowed on this Forum.

Sheriff's Note: Please stop spamming the Forum with this..
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Reply to @jtengle: Well said! I’ve basically left Fiverr already after being treated like crap by CS and basically being robbed because of their ridiculous policies, I’m waiting for the last funds to clear and then I’m getting the f*ck outta here. I may check up from time to time, to see if Fiverr’s attitude towards sellers has changed, but I’m not really counting on it. If this trend continues, soon it’ll be bye-bye for good.

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Oh mimie01, that is absolutely unacceptable! I’m so sorry you had to deal with a such a horrible pos. I would not give up on contacting CS. That is just ridiculous! No one should be treated that way. I think the buyer forfeits their right to leave a rating when you blackmail and abuse your seller and Fiverr really needs to take a stand on this. Can’t remove a rating my butt! Remove the rating, contact the buyer and inform them that that crap doesn’t fly and if they try to leave it again bring down the ban hammer! Grrr… I’m so mad for you! Again, so sorry!

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Reply to @accessgirl: oh buyer thought it all out, he told me he is prepared, go ahead and bann him, he is using not his own IP and he will come back again and again.

Fiverr needs to apply the TOC also to buyers…this place is not worth it right now!

Tomorrow, I will send a message to all my buyers in Q and cancel, not earning 1 penny for Fiverr anymore until this BS is resolved!

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Reply to @mimie01: Yeah.

I talked few days ago with some support member (I mean with email, not actually talking) and he was quite nice actually (surprisingly). I was mad about ARS sistem and about chatting on fiver.

First I hate limitation to 1200 char. Second I hate “bad words” on chatting. Like “email” or “money” or “pay” or “paypal”, etc. How I am supposed to be “proffesional” if I will be saying for money $$$ or for pay, give lol. Some people are asking me how gigs works, and how should I explaine them that paypal is connected to fiver and you are paying with paypal if half of words are forbidden lol. Or I am dealing with alot of emails and I cant ask some question for emails I need to say “mail” or something.

So yeah, that was some suggestion to them (99% that they will not look into it) and about ARS sistem to be removed. He said something like people can choose between thumbs up and ARS but everyone should use ARS. I am not sure that someone can choose for thumbs up. I cant look, I am not a buyer lol.

So anyway, that time he was answering like 10-15 min.(not sure how that happen) and now I am still waiting for replye for that ticket what you already know.

I will not say anything but will see tomorrow, because it is weekend. I just wonder what they will say about that ticket because ticket is something about buyer lol

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Reply to @mimie01: The topic I made about that blog has disappeared from the forum, some of my replies on other topics have been cleared, and Tumblr (which I used for the blog) has sent me a warning that there were “privacy concerns” with the content (which was the stories like on the forums, with username and link to the forum topics) and that I should remove the posts or the blog would be removed…

What, is Fiverr run by the KGB or something?

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Reply to @woubuc: Well it’s not very transparent. The only people you can communicate to is CS, which is not adequate enough to me, when talking about such a big company.

What is happening is quite questionable. I would re-post with usernames removed and see…

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me and my friend already have this problem

try to contact customer support team and i cant do anything

my 2 year fiverr experience currently 180 order cancel :-(( i think 150+ order cancel reason buyer want to complete order and refund 😃 buyer want to free service lol

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