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Fiverr and TikTok?


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Has anyone else noticed that Fiverr is connecting up with TikTok?   If you visit Fiverr.com (don't have to be signed in either) and right click the page, then "inspect" you will see two lines of code in the error console:

events.js?sdkid=C6IPOEIO6DGUDE0A23MG&lib=ttq:3 Cannot assign to read only property 'call' of object '#<Object>'

events.js?sdkid=C3VBNIPU9OSLU1GC4A70&lib=ttq:3 Cannot assign to read only property 'call' of object '#<Object>'

which is calling tiktok..
window[window["TiktokAnalyticsObject"]]._env = {"env":"external"};
window[window["TiktokAnalyticsObject"]]._variation_id = 'control_2';.........

Note the URL in the console window:  https://analytics.tiktok.com/i18n/pixel/events.js

I've checked three systems so far, all using Chrome (latest version) and windows 10 with the same results.
Is it just on my end, or is everyone else seeing this on their systems too? 

With all the scrutiny with TikTok and the US government saying there are privacy issues, data collection issues, etc I'm a bit concerned to see this type of integration when nothing on Fiverr should really have anything to do with the TikTok app/service.  Why would Fiverr be sending any kind of data to TikTok for analysis?  

I'd like to understand what is going on here.  If I have three systems with an issue, or if they really are sending data to tiktok?!?


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