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Hello Fiver Team!
I have a question regarding the IP address. Me and my sister is having our own laptops I am already a level 2 seller while my sister doesn't have a Fiverr account yet. We connect our laptops from Mobile hotspots but Once she took my internet connection in past on her computer for internet browsing and I also took her mobile hotspot whenever I face internet issues. But now Our laptop's internet IP Address is the same & I have checked both internet IP Addresses on Google. 

The confusion is that now my sister wants to create an account on Fiverr! Is there will be any issue with creating an account or either any issue for my account and her account?

Can we continue with these IP Addresses or my sister reinstall the window?

I never want that my account to get banned due to my IP Address. 
I am attaching a screenshot of the IP Addresses of two different laptops.
kindly guide me in details thanks.

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