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@ponkoj_roy - To get your first order your profile and gigs should look professional and show of your skillsets.

I noticed that you stated that you were fluent in English, yet there are errors in your bio, gigs, and in one of your typography t-shirt image. Please correct the errors in punctuation, capitalization, and word choice. The biggest error is in your bio:

"I'm 3 years old" --> "I have 3 years of experience."

You also want to come off as professional. Work on your portfolio images and feel free to attach a PDF for additional samples. Make sure the images are a good reflection of the quality that you can provide to your buyers. In your first typographic t-shirt gig, I found your font choice on shirts #1 & #3 to be hard to read. Also, check the grammar on shirt #3.

In your bio, you state, "if the client is not satisfied, I try my best to satisfy them. I never give up" and in both of your gig descriptions you list "unlimited revisions" on three separate bullet points for why a buyer should hire you. You also have "100% money back guarantee" listed. None of these are reassuring to the buyer, who has limited time and doesn't want to wait for you to get it right. I would remove all of these as they are not selling points and work against you.

Since you have 3 years of experience, you might also have clients that you can direct to Fiverr to use your services. This can help you get started with initial orders until buyers can find you in search.


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