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May I please be granted permission to post more than five times per day?


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I'm coming up on my one year anniversary here and this restriction is still in place, which includes profile...discussion thingies and private messages in the limit of five/day. I looked around for information about what means to use to ask moderators but couldn't find it, so rather than private messaging I figured that I would just make a post. Thanks!

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8 minutes ago, favourik said:

Why on earth would you want to post more than five times in a day?

I think the five post limit is for everything, so not just new threads  The 5 post limit makes sense in the beginning but I genuinely don't think it's unreasonable to ask to be able to post more often = be able to have proper conversations after a year...

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I know how you feel, @mandyzines! I just had my post-limit removed several weeks ago.

The limit is very frustrating, especially if there are people who think you're ignoring them in your inbox or on the forum.

As long as you consistently bring quality and value to the forum and keep the rules, you'll eventually have the post-limit lifted. I hope that's soon for you!

There isn't one thing that will trigger it, it'll be a combination of factors.

6 hours ago, mandyzines said:

I looked around for information

I was also looking for answers and there are none. Here are some things I noticed/took a look at:

Tenure. Some members with unlimited posts had only 1 month of tenure on the forum. And there are others like you who are almost to the year mark who still have the post-limit. 

Forum Rank. I still had the 5-post limit as a Grand Master and we can see many members of lower rank without the post limit.

Reputation. I still had the post limit with 5,000 reputation points while others, with fewer reputation points, had unlimited posts.

Posts. I had 500 posts while others, posting less had the unlimited posts.

Warnings. This definitely plays a role. Keep the rules and be on your best behavior so you don't get these.

Seller Level. Possible role.

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8 minutes ago, vickieito said:

was also looking for answers and there are none

There is a topic called “Spam” and that’s where the limit was announced and as I remember it is solely depending on the reputation points. 

But I agree that @mandyzineshave been contributing quality posts. (Maybe just not as often in this year to get the reputation points up 😉

@mjensen415 is there a manual adjustment that you can look at her profile and remove the limit of posts? 

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