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Could anybody tell me how to get Graphic design job regularly...?


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Hi, there
I'm Tanzil. I have experience in Graphic Design for a decked now. I worked at fiverr for the last 3 years.....in the first I get some little jobs......suddenly my device broke and I get disconnected from the freelancing network...now for the last 6 months I am available 24/7 and bid the job regularly but I didn't get any interview and get any invitation...is there anyone help me with that...how to back on the track again...it would be very helpful for me...

I have expertise in:

1. Image Editing 2. Retouching 3. Background Removal and Clipping path 4. Hair masking 5. Shadow Creation (4 Types) 6. Pattern replacement 7. Template Editing 8. Photo Editing 9. Image Color Correction/Changin 10. Social media design 11. Ad banner, Cover, Thumbnail design 12. Book cover design 13. Logo 14. Business card & Flyer 15. Stationary 16. T-shirt 17. Signage Design/Billboard 18. Social Media Banner/Ad banner 19. Branding Etc.


Thank you for reading this...feel free to visit my profile.

I am waiting for your guys' suggestions...

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You need to focus on creative side of the design. Mechanic skills like masking, background removal, retouching etc... are not worth someone's order on fiverr. There is like hundreds of app that do these things automatically, free, easy. Even if you are top rated seller with hundreds of rating, you will only get handful of orders a week that priced around 5$. Is it worth your time? 
You need to do better job than just people using canva. These days anyone could choose stock photos and automatically generate poster. So ask yourself what can I do that canva can't. 


BTW 24/7 available doesn't affect anything. I have been on this platform many years never gotten worthwhile client from buyer's request section. Instead focus on your gig images, show what you can do. 

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