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3 hours ago, artholistic said:

I found a temporary solution to this, just start typing from the second line by pressing return and you will see the words. Only dark mode is effected, and it's working well on light mode. 

It is happening in both light and dark mode but  it work after you press enter and move to second line whole text will be visible

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3 hours ago, frank_d said:

Trying to work through some things.

Hopefully will start participating more soon. 🙂

Missed this place!

Several users have been facing one issue for the last three days. Fiverr works very slow after 10 PM IST, and whenever I send any message, the message takes 5-7 minutes to deliver. For example, If I write "hi" and refresh the page, the message disappears, but after 5-7 minutes, It shows as sent. My many clients were also facing similar issues while they were chatting with me & they mentioned the same. I am sure it is not an issue at my end since I have done all the troubleshooting steps, such as switching internet connection, trying incognito mode, changing browser, changing PC, different operating system, using the mobile app, clearing cookies & cache etc. So many people discussed this from last 3 days but I guess customer care is still not aware of this issue. I tried explaining the same to customer care but they think issue is with my internet connection. Can you please check on this?

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