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How to get imppression as new sellter?


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Impressions don't matter. 

What matters are clicks. Impressions mean that people see your gig along with other gigs, but they move on. Clicks mean people click on your gig, and they either purchase or move on to other gigs. So, impressions don't really matter when it comes to sales. You can have 100k impressions and 0 sales, because no one enters your gig page.

As always, you need to make your gig appealing. Great gig images, a good gig description, all of these things matter. Market yourself properly. If you also have a lot of clicks, then that means people are not impressed by your gig or something puts them off. It's up to you to experiment and see what works and what doesn't. You can start with the ideas I said and go from there.

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I've experimented something like that before. When 1 of my gigs is not working anymore I change the gig's images for new ones, I am an illustrator, si I am constantly improving. I don't know what's your gig about, but you could try to change the images into new ones, maybe add a video or a pdf if it's possible.


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