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How to get imppression as new sellter?


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You're welcome! You can do a few things to promote your gig and get more people interested in it.

1. Use social media to share your gig, Post about it on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

2. Write a blog post or create a video about your gig.

3. Share your gig with friends and family.

4. Run a targeted ad campaign on social media or Google Adwords.

5. Make sure your gig is SEO friendly.

Use keywords in your title and description. You might also consider using these coolest guitar accessories. If you do all of those things, you should see an increase in traffic to your gig. Best of luck!❤️



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4 hours ago, rubelbabu001 said:

One Thing more...

Stay Connect Fiverr Active 24 hours...


Absolute rubbish.  if you read the forum you would understand this is incorrect


2 hours ago, ahasan6541 said:

Stay Connect Fiverr Active 10-12 hours...

145 posts on the forum, yet you're still posting this.   This would tell me that you're more concerned about gaining credibility points on here rather than reading the forum and applying your knowledge to get your FIRST sale?

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1 minute ago, ahasan6541 said:

Since the seller is new, he should have it for 10 to 12 hours first.

And where have you gotten this information from? and on what basis have you come to this conclusion?  Are you saying that every new seller on Fiverr has to sit in front of their computer for 10-12 hours every single day? 

You're speaking absolute madness.  I suggest you stop embarrassing yourself and concentrate on getting orders for your own gigs! 

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