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Fiverr Dropping my percentage for no reason.


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fiverr keeps changing my percentage. had one late delivery that dropped my on time delivery status from 100% to 88%. then it went down to 86% and then to 83%. i did 5 ontime deliveries since the late one and i went up to 89% . have one more gig to go to get back up to 90% but today im back to 88% and my last ontime delivery was only worth 1%. and since evalution is in two days and there are no more gigs im going to lose my level 3 status. is anybody else havining this issue? because it realy feels that they are trying to keep me below 90. its been going around for a while. and im not getting a reasonable response from suport. 

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It follows the exact past 60 days everyday. It will change everyday depending on how many total orders you've had within the past 60 days. The lesser orders you've had, the lower that percentage will be. To combat that you would need more orders delivered on time within the past 60 days.

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