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My Files Got Corrupted, Buyer Left 1 Star


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Hi there everyone,

So I came across a very weird situation, where my MS files got corrupted, and client got empty files. Unfortunately, he was not active, and order marked as completed, and right after a couple of hours, he appeared, and messaged me (my mid night time) about the empty files. But upon checking, he first left 1 star review, that I have delivered empty files, and all, and then inboxed me about the issue.


I told him everything that it was a technical error, and I completed task well on-time. Though, I have redelivered him everything. But is this justifiable?

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8 minutes ago, momnaikram970 said:

But is this justifiable?

Unfortunately, it is justifiable. It was a technical error, but it was a true reflection of the buyer's experience. He was shocked to see the empty files and immediately left a 1 -star review.

What you can do now, is respond appropriately to the 1-star review:

  • Sympathize with your buyer's feeling of shock upon receiving the corrupted files
  • Explain why it happened (i.e. technical error)
  • Explain how you found out about it (i.e., the buyer's review) and how you felt (probably equally shocked)
  • Describe what you did to immediately resolve the issue and ensure that your buyer was satisfied in the end
  • End on a happy note that it was a pleasure to work with them and that you were glad the issue was resolved in the end

If you can show professionalism and care in your response, this will let future buyers know that you will listen to their concerns and take care of them should an issue arise with the order.

Sometimes a seller's response to a negative review motivates me (as a buyer) to use their services because I am impressed with how they handled that bad review. I hope the same is true for you!

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