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My experience in fiverr for newbie motivation.


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Hi, hope you all doing well. 

I started working on Fiverr, for a long time, and in my journey, I faced a lot of ups and down but I never lose hope, in the difficult time, many times I feel hopeless, but when I have seen Fiverr,  a new hope was created for me.  I online all night send madly buyer requests, try try try try on each step, and one day I get the response, and then slowly due to good communication I got repeated buyers. And now almost 200+ Order completed and now I am very close to top-rated seller.

So basically two things matter in my experience. 



1- Try try Again and never lose hope 

2-  Excellent communication with the best quality services. 


Thank you 

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I get a lot of questions from juniors that after level 1 and level 2, they did not get the orders and faced problems. 

According to my experience, what I face and what I suggest to all sellers below are some tips 

1- Engage your current buyers with their work and offer extra services and make them repeat with your excellent communication and working skills. 

2- Keep sending buyer requests.

3- Always keep in mind your current order from the new buyer is not last,  try to convert them into a repeat. Once you get the repeated buyers you get new buyers. 

4- Keep promoting your gigs on social platforms and get traffic.


Online all time etc, tactics, do not make any effect. 



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