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Looking for suggestions to improve my SPSS gig


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Hi @rahima_begum_01! Welcome to the forum!

Since you are into data, you might enjoy reading how Fiverr's algorithm works (and gain insight on how you can improve these metrics). Here are great articles to get started with:



For improving your business, here's a post with useful links from @williambryan392 and @imagination7413:


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Hi @rahima_begum_01,

I looked at one of your competitors and noticed that he had a gig video showing his portfolio (which included many visually appealing graphs and charts).

I think including more images of your portfolio via gig video and PDF can enhance your gig and make it more appealing to your buyers. I think many of your buyers will know that their data needs to be analyzed, but might not know the best option for them. Seeing the finished version of what you can deliver for them can help them visualize their project better and convince them to order from you rather than your competition.

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