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I have Good Impression and Click But I Didn't Get any Order.


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Hello! Expert Fiverr,

I create new gig and I have good impression with click but I didn't get any task from byer automatically. Besides my gigs price not so high this is average $25-30, $50-60, and $100-120 and delivery time 3, 5, 7-10 days. which is the main problem? please help me and show me the right way.


Thanks All 

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Hi @pcdas4u,

If you are getting good impressions, that means your gig is considered relevant when buyers search for your service. This is a good thing because it means buyers are seeing your gig.

If you are getting good impressions but no clicks, that means buyers are seeing your gig, but don't see any need to click on it. It's not attractive enough for them to have enough interest to click on your gig and visit your gig page. So you need to make your gig more attractive to your buyers so that they will click on your gig.

Factors that affect your gig's attractiveness include your gig images, gig videos, price, seller level, and number of orders/reviews.

Since you don't have orders & reviews and are a new seller, try to make a more attractive gig image and add videos to your gigs. Fiverr says that gig videos can increase user engagement by 40%, and I've found that to be true. I also think your gig images have way too much text on them. Buyers won't take the time to read everything that you have written on the image. Stick to 3-5 words that clearly describe your services.

Also, try to reduce your average response time from 3 hours to 1 hour.

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18 hours ago, web_munna45 said:

Make sure your gig is More attractive and clean and your description is very uniq .

And also you can change your pricing for get order.

As a new seller how much price I offer Can you suggest me? and if I change it then it effect my gig or not?

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