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My account was flagged ineligible


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I'm willing to bet it was because of quality. Fiverr is not looking for cheap clones of what's already here. Fiverr is looking for up-market, truly skilled freelancers these days. Sending some traffic to a website hardly qualifies. These gigs have always been scams, and they have always been hurting the poor buyers who think they will get great results with "authentic" traffic, when it's nothing but botnets. If you want real traffic, you have to pay for it, and advertising ain't cheap. Certainly not something you can get on Fiverr, unless you hire a qualified ads expert with a proper budget. If that was what you were selling, it wouldn't be called "usa website traffic" but something like "I will manage your Adsense campagin". 🙂

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I couldn't agree more with @smashradio  One of the 200 or so factors in the Google algorithm is evidencing real 'organic' traffic. These gigs historically tend to do more harm than good, as the poor quality can actually de-rank a site.   I've always struggled to understand why people would pay for such a gig in Asia, when it is blatantly obvious that for the cost you will get little more than bot traffic.  Unfortunately, some people fall for it and have to face the consequences of their poor decisions.

So whilst it may be disappointing for you, this is actually a good thing for Fiverr, as it is beginning to recognise that this type of service is nothing more than a false promise from the seller, and really harmful for the buyer. 

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10 minutes ago, deyotraffic said:

it says i'm not eligible to be a fiverr seller

Then what @smashradio and @breals is true - you and your service isn't what Fiverr is looking to add in its marketplace.

Unfortunately, there are many people coming to the forum posting exactly the same thing as you. Fiverr has been denying new accounts if they think the service isn't going to provide quality or value to the marketplace.

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