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Be unfair and get more out of your seller!


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I have received my first ‘bad rating’ and I am not happy about it.

I performed the gig in the best possible way. The buyer did not contact me for any change, correction, refund, the buyer just went straight ahead and down rated me.

I have started the process of trying to remove it and what I understand of the whole process is :

« Leave an unfair bad rating to squizz more juice out of sellers. »

From the fiver tip 1: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/7323/-fiverr-tips-1-how-to-remove-negative-reviews-and-ratings/p1?post#Form_Body

  1. you should try to please him
  2. Offer him some extra services/bonus »

    (Try to please him ? I don’t have any pleasure gig…)

    I believe this is definitely a call for unfairness, isn’t it ?

    Instead of this unfairness incentive, I would like it to be counterbalanced by :
  • Identification of unfair negative rating behaviour.
  • Automatic and immediate cancellation of such bad rating

    Also, when sellers rate buyers, this rating does not automatically appear in the buyers profile. This should be automatic.

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