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Do you think anyone would buy this gig i am offering? Why?


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It's hard to say. But you've got 2 gigs with the same title that seem to be for the same thing. It would be best to remove one (since I don't think Fiverr allows gig duplicates).

Also one of the gigs has a blurry gig thumbnail. That part of the image may be intentionally out of focus/blurry at the start of the video but it doesn't look the best as a gig thumbnail. It might be better if the thumbnail image gave more of an idea what the gig was for. Maybe the gig video could show something more image-wise.

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Hello. To answer your question while still speaking for myself alone... I'd say that your gig isn't something I'd come to fiverr to purchase. 


Well because it looks like something I can do myself 

Birthday wishes are meant to be special. That looks more like the messages we get from friends and family that says "Happy New Month" (which to be honest I don't read) 


So yeah. And instead of me just pointing out problems, I'd also like to offer a solution. Try creating a different gig. I see you're trying out fresh new ideas. But if you like designing. Try picking up some photoshop skills. 

Search YouTube. Tutorials are so many these days. 


Also. If you still wish to stick with this idea. Then try and upgrade the design a little more. It doesn't look like something that buyers want to spend their (OHH SOO PRECIOUS) $5 on. 😅 A joke by the way 😉 

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