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Your New King


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7 hours ago, damooch916 said:

here he is, the King of the Fiverr Forum. The majesty of the muscle shirt. The sovereign of soul. The monarch with the most. Sultan Steal Your Heart. The emperor of oomph. The one. The only. King Mooch! 

All hail, King Mooch!

Again, thanks for another dose of awesomeness! Your loyal subjects look forward to your posts with great anticipation - the King never disappoints!😊

7 hours ago, damooch916 said:

Now remember, these appointments aren’t just the delusional musings of some totally self inflated writer; some completely arbitrary garage words designed to take up time between gigs, playfully pretending to be spoken in satire while masking a very deeply seeded feeling of self entitlement, earned through the totally wonky feeling of being applauded for on stage since childhood.

No. These designations are very real.

I'm also honored to be on your appointed council!

5 hours ago, breals said:

It's not since I received my 'I've been a brave boy' sticker at the dentist last year that I have felt so much pride and joy.  For that I thank you!

In the realm of the forum, "sticker" badges have incredible power in the minds of those who hold them. Designations from the King, thoughtfully made at his espresso machine, are much more highly esteemed than these automatic forum badges!

7 hours ago, damooch916 said:

Please (shocking maybe, but this word only appears on the forum as a disclaimer to some wild request that no one can even satisfy. Ex: “Please make me a better freelancer by teaching me an entire trade and doing my marketing. K, thanks.”

I think your loyal subjects have already gotten the memo on this one - I noticed more posts now forgo the "Please" and just state "Give me tips" or "Suggest me!"

But don't worry, dear King.

That's what I'm here for.

I don't mind answering those posts if we can have more quality posts, like this one!

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Oh my, this looks like a delicious thread to go through...😍
However I'm sorry King Mooch, I need to finish some work first,
once those are cleared I'll come back to this post and read through everything with a cup of coffee and some munchies. (a lovely seller gave me a tip yesterday, so Starbucks time! )

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When I see how helpful, friendly, patient and wonderfully supportive @vickieitois towards people here it makes me want to hire her to be head of customer support somewhere, not that I have such a role, but if I did, I'd offer first refusal, and I've got to wonder, if that's the level of support given to non-customers, wow, what do customers get? I imagine clients are very well looked after.

Her posts are courteous, even in response to posts that make me scream on the inside and want to throw a punch through the internet. Takes something I ain't got to do that! 

5 hours ago, vickieito said:

In the realm of the forum, "sticker" badges have incredible power in the minds of those who hold them.

These rare badges, so scarce that everyone gets them:


If everything is rare, nothing is rare, these things are handed out line rain drops in a storm. 


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