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Attention all voice artists, singers, and anyone who speaks into a mic for a living: I have a very serious question for you all...

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2 hours ago, mandyzines said:

I'd be happy with a de-breather that just takes out breaths, honestly. It's staggering...how many of those happen.

Technically, that's a thing already, but it's still far better to just do it manually. And yeah - you never realize just how much 'junk' there is in normal speech until you have to take it all out.

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Hello world! My name is Kyle Shive. I've been running a voice over gig on Fiverr for over 6 months now, and I wanted to share some audio blunders that hindered me that I hope can help you!


First off, make sure you have a good mic, that uses an XLR cable and plugs into an audio interface. If you are trying to be a professional voice over artist, you can't do it with a USB mic!


Secondly, ensure you have studio quality headphones! AKG has some amazing affordable ones here. I recently got a Scarlett Focusrite Solo audio interface, and my old headphones were plugged in and I couldn't hear any sound! It was very muffled. It turns out, my old cheap headphones did not have a builtin AMP! It turns out, due to the power of an audio interface, you MUST use studio quality headphones with a built in AMP to boost the signal coming from the interface. After getting the right headphones, I can actually direct-monitor my voice, I can hear all of my mouth noise, and I have no more problems!


Another blunder, to prevent static and distortion, ensure you're midi controller for your interface, or the app that controls the input and output for your interface, matches the same hz that you are recording in your DAW! For example, ensure your interface input and output is 48hz, and that the input/output for your computer is the same number, and your DAW is set to record in the same frequency as well!

Lastly... a MAJOR annoyance I recently fixed.... I was getting static intermittently while recording. I have a pro mic, a brand new XLR cable, a brand new interface, and up-to-date drivers.... I did everything right, it was driving me crazy.... then I got a text, when the text came in, the electromagnetic waves being emitted from my phone were causing my mic to have static! Since moving my phone out of my booth, I have no more interference!


I hope these tips helped you and can save you some time! Good day, and good recording! May you all be well, happy, and peaceful!


- Kyle M. Shive

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Hey there @andymoorevoice

I hope you're doing well! Thanks for the awesome feedback.


Regarding the headphones, my apologies for the confusion. Basically, my old cheap headphones weren't powerful enough to work with my interface. For example, a headphone can have an amp which is rated for 10 ohms etc.. my old ones weren't up to snuff. The new headphones I got have a lower impedance, 55-ohm which provides a remarkably higher volume level. I found some forum on reddit explaining it and that's how I knew I needed to headphones, and it worked. Basically something with AMP, ohms, and how the headphones interact with the interface. Sorry for my ignorance.


I agree with you on your list of priorities!


I still use the NSM noise reduction tool from Waves. For me, I notice no difference in my audio quality, and it helps get rid of that slight, tiny digital floor I seem to hear. As I mentioned, my floor is below -74db so there really isn't a reason for me to use it? I just like to, I dunno, I like it, haha.


Yeah, mouth clicks, I use adobe's build in declicker, I've been wanting to get the izotope pack (is this the one? https://www.izotope.com/en/shop/rx-10-standard.html)

but just haven't had the cash to shell out for it yet. I wonder if there will be a black Friday sale? Mouth noise for me is the most annoying for sure.


You have a great chain! Nice work. Yeah I know the Apollo is a god, haha. When my VO business finally starts making money maybe I'll shell out for it someday.


Thanks for checking out my gig! I took out the part about George The Tech, good thinking. Out of curiosity, how do you like my demo on there? I'm not getting traffic like I would imagine I should get. All I get is people asking me to read massive scripts for 5$, has that been your experience too?


Thanks for the convo! Nice to meet a fellow voice actor.

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