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you must have at least 90% positive rating to make new offers!



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According to your feedback, the customer stated that you were rude.  You may therefore want to think about your customer service skills before accepting any more offers. 

It's not all about delivering on time. You have to be exceptional at what you do to get 5 stars, otherwise you're just average. This has also been stated in your feedback 

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9 minutes ago, robiulislam6 said:

I'm perfectly done a buyer order and deliverd her in perfect time and full fill all requerment too.


I'll have to echo what @brealssaid - though what I'd think about is also the fact that there might be some cultural issues/differences that you weren't great at dealing with? I've noticed it quite often that when there's even a small cultural gap, we can see 'rude' to each other without wanting to be. Add in not-so-perfect English skills (from either side) and you're in a pickle.


I will be honest, I'm not sure I'd dare to order from you after seeing that one review. Perhaps it's a sign that you should try to do some more researc/practice a bit (both English and whatever you're offering...) 

Sometimes, we just aren't ready to sell stuff and that's okay, but we need to be able understand ourselves to know that's the case. 

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4 hours ago, saifulweb_com said:

Now you can promote your gig's on social media, and accept new order. then you will recover it.

Yeah, I agree with this. You can promote your gig's on social media to accept the new orders. 

You can also create some awesome new gigs. In my case, buyer requests are not helped so much. 

If anything doesn't work, you can wait. After 60 days the positive rating will be reset. You will get a 100% of positive rating after 60 days. Then you will send buyer requests again.


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