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Do badges earned on fiverr really help in getting more orders?


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33 minutes ago, mahamnaeem3 said:

Do badges earned on fiverr really help in getting more orders? Do you recommend it for a newbie? Can you see more buyer requests after getting a badge. I am specifically talking for the article writing category. 

It depends. Certain badges, like Fiverr's Choice, can help convince buyers to order from you instead of the competition. The Rising Star badge does something similar for new sellers who are noticed by Fiverr for their gig quality and customer support. 

Other badges, like Top Rated Seller (which is technically a seller level, not a badge) has to be earned based on excellence, skills and great customer support over time. Like Fiverr Pro, it's a manual selection process and only a few are selected. Fiverr Pro is similar in that regard, but does require you to go through added vetting processes. 

Keep in mind that these badges are earned on the marketplace itself – not the forum. Nothing you do on the forum will affect your gigs or visibility on Fiverr in any way, and the badges on the forum are worthless. 

I would recommend that you don't chase badges. They mean very little in the long run. Instead, try to focus on delivering high-quality services and great support for your buyers. If/when the badges come, great, but if you're in it for the badges, you probably won't get them. 

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