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Question about clauses for Star System


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Is it against the rules to put a clause in all my gigs stating that if the gig is ordered and delivered within the time-frame and that it is exactly as stated in the gig description that the user agrees to rate me in all three categories five stars? Technically by ordering, this would then mean they 100% agree to such an agreement. As I see nothing in the TOS or the topic about the ARS system, I see nothing wrong with this. Especially since that’s pretty much what the first two categories are at least, and the other doesn’t even belong in a rating system as that can be based on too much personal taste. Plus, I would like to see Fiverr argue over this when the user clearly placed the order with the clause in there, and thus, Fiverr should honor my gig description even if the buyer doesn’t. I feel it would be no different than stating things such as copyright-related stuff and etc. Thoughts?

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