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12 minutes ago, ahtshamsalee861 said:

I Spend 24 hours on fiver but there is no order for me why


If you go to the grocery store and instead of handing in your application and making sure you're fit to the job, you stand around for 24 hours would you expect the manager to offer you a job or to chase you away for being creepy?

Being online (either by staying up which is unhealthy OR using whatever tool that is popular right now that's against TOS) does NOT help you. At all.

You know what does?

Great cover images on your gigs, especially if you are actually a designer. Do your own research, study the niches you want to ace in and work hard until you have a good portfolio. Be original and you might suceed. 

(spamming the forum, by the way, also does not help.)

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