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4 Months 300+ Orders Complete!


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Hi, 🙂

Today i am here to Share my Happiness with you all 🙂

I am a fiverr for over 4 Months now and I am Loving it 🙂 Fiverr is the Market place where i have seen and judged that you skills are actually admired 🙂

I Joined 4 months ago as a Student (Crazy for Graphic Designing) and i started making gig , Originally i became a part of fiverr 8 months ago with another account , but I did not do ANY efforts on that as I was really busy with my studies , so after 4-6 months I decided to get back to work , and i Created a Company with friends (not registered 😛 ) and we started working on designs.

Today after 4 months I actually started to fiverr , i completer 300+ Orders already 🙂 I am a daily Fiverr and being a Fiverr helps me clear my bills and get my savings high so I can full fill my dreams one day , (i dont have to ask my mom for money now 😛 )

If you do the maths (sorry i am math-aholic)

4months = 30x4 = 120 days ,

Past month was my gap as I was busy with my Finals, so basically i worked for 90 days

90 days and 300+ Orders , Not bad ehh 😉

So , Tell me Your Story 🙂 How you became a Fiverr , and how is your #FiverrLife ? :smiley:

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How were you able to boost your orders so quickly? I’ve been trying to promote my gigs, but I haven’t had much luck. After being on Fiverr for almost a month, I have completed 13 orders and I have a 100% positive rating, but I am not attracting much attention to my gigs. Any advice? I love a good success story!

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