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What questions should a seller ask buyers?


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Hi @alexadraws29, Welcome to the forum!

2 hours ago, alexadraws29 said:

I am a artist doing roblox and minecraft commissions. What questions should I ask?

What answers do you need to get the your projects done? Those are usually the best questions to include in your order requirements.

The more detailed you are in your questions, the more detailed the brief that the client will provide you in the order requirements. This helps to clear confusion and prevents unnecessary cancelations.


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You should ask all the technical and artistical info you need to do your job. As an illustrator myself I ask about sizes, resolution, general look, color palette, and so on.

However I have no idea of the requeriments needed for Minecraft or Roblox voxel art.  Just think about your work process and the info you need to get it done.

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