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I am facing a problem please help me


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I have facing a problem and I am hoping for a piece of good advice from everyone. Let's start, I got my first order at the buyer's request. Completed it very well and got a 5-star review. Then a client came to me and ordered me one, and I did all the work for him at a very low price. After some time he again gave me an order. It was also a very low price order. I didn't think about money, then I thought I need reviews, money can be earned later. However, the client said that a landing page should be created for a website, so I did it. But he doesn't accept my order. He forced me to create an 8-page website. I patiently complete the task but still, he doesn't accept my order. He asked me to create another website. After many days passed like this, I told him why are you giving me a requirement after work was done. Then he got very angry. Then I tell him you increase some budget. Then, He canceled my first order which he gave 5-star review and changed the review to 1-star and also canceled the second order. When I contact Fiverr support they make my order completion rate 100%. Then I complete 4 orders from outside with 5-star reviews. But since the 15th of August, there are no clicks and impressions on the entire profile. What should I do in this situation? Do I have to deactivate the profile and open a new account? My profile is verified with my ID card. Now after deactivating my account can I open an account again with my ID? Please suggest to me what is best for me.
Thank you

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