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Active order value and Expected earnings are displayed wrong


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I noticed the Active order value and Expected earnings are not calculated correctly when I have active orders with milestones.

For example, I have an active order with 3 milestones ($500, $800, $200). When I am on the first Milestone, the order's value is $500, which is correct. But when I start the second milestone, the value is now $1300 ($500+$800; first milestone + second milestone) which makes no sense, the first milestone is delivered and displayed on the earning page, where the second confusing thing is happening. 

On the earning page, the first milestone ($500) is clearing, but it's still being included in the "Expected earnings". Expected earnings usually refers to the active orders.

This is so confusing every time I check the clearing dates, the amounts never match my personal sheets.

Please fix this.

Thank you!

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