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Level 2 Seller, but no orders anymore (for months)


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So to explain as quickly as possible, I used to do voiceovers on Fiverr and did pretty well considering I wasn't too sure what I was doing. I reached level 2 seller status, but then got interested in other things and go a job doing videography. During that time, my gigs were all deactivate for a period of time because fiverrs terms changed regarding tax info bla bla.. fast forward to today, my gigs have been reactivated for several months now because I decided to come back to Fiverr... Yet, my gigs are not getting much impressions... No orders... And no inquiries even? Is there something wrong with my gig? Any advice to help me understand why I can't get orders is much appreciated.


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@brotheron, the reason why you aren't getting as many impressions is because impressions are based on your performance compared to other sellers. When your gigs were deactivated, you weren't making sales, while other sellers were, so their gigs are given more visibility in search over yours.

You can increase your visibility in search by improving your seller metrics. Decrease your average response time from 3 hours to 1 hour. Be proactive about getting orders. Take advantage of Buyer Request and Buyer Briefs. Advertise your services and gig links to those within your circle of influence. 

This article may also help you:



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