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3 hours ago, dev_wpshopify said:

A New Seller Should Follow Below that I give :

 1. Read buyer request attentively and Send

 2. Try to make understand when chat with clients.

3. Try to be active all time 

4. Research about gig and seo

Thanks for read

You are brand new to Fiverr having signed up in June, and have made zero sales. I know you asked a question and then answered it yourself in an attempt to appear as a knowledgeable, successful seller, but it in fact makes you look the opposite, inexperienced, desperate and kind of foolish. Some of your advice is false and the rest copied from other posts. You need to post less and read more to learn how Fiverr works.

Also, you should not lie about your English skills, as you are most certainly not fluent as your profile says. People will wonder if you are lying about that, what else will you lie about.




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