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My WordPress Gig is not showing in category


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Hi Fiverr Community!

I have created below mentioned WordPress gig few months ago. But when I make changes in this gig, it shows me error that your gig is not in this category. Please find gig link and attachment for more guidance.


I will be very thankful to you if someone fix this issue.

Qaiser Nawaz

WordPress Gig.PNG

WordPress Gig2.PNG

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Hi @qaisernawaz1 👋

It seems, from the disclaimer you took a schreenshot of, that you are not aligned with the Fiverr recommended prices (at least 80$) and therefore the platform is telling you to either raise your prices (above or equal to 80$) or change category.

The suggestion to change category is because the system thinks that maybe, if your prices are still too low, is because you might have chosen the wrong category by mistake, but in your case I believe it is all due to the prices being too low.

Hope to have clarified everyhting, have anice Fiverr-venture! 😊

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