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Four days ..two gigs no promotion and still no sales

Guest writermartha

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hello marhta, you put up these gigs some days ago as i see from your profile.

I will tell you why you haven’t made any sales thus far

-spelling and grammar errors:

" internet experts"

“this years” should be these years"

" no delay its a PROMISED." -bad use of English.

The above errors are enough to discourage anyone from getting any article done by you.

your gig images are lovely but you need to correct those things i pointed out.

happy sales.

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Guest celticmoon

What @inspiredtony said is correct. Your gig descriptions are full of misspellings, poor grammar and text lingo…and you want people to PAY you to write for them? Sorry, it’s not going to happen unless or until you write up much improved gig descriptions.

You also need to learn patience, and learn to help yourself. Article-writing is a crowded category, so you have established, highly-rated writers against whom you are competing. You’ll need to do some of your own promoting to attract buyers. Even talented sellers sometimes don’t make a first sale for months.

I suggest you read some of the hundreds of excellent posts on the forums written to help new sellers.

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