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👋 Hi @alighazanfar208, unfortunately buyer requests is a near to useless feature, as they often are the section where scammers and really sketchy buyers lurk.

📉 Also, the chance you have of getting an order from buyer requests is really low (i've personally sent 147 and got only 1 answer, and those are from my first days in Fiverr, now I am not using them anymore).

💰 I know that to a newbie that seems the only way of getting your first orders, but there are many other ways to get them, for example advertising your gig online and offline. The first example (of many) that pops up in my mind offhand is the following: probably one of your acquaintances needs the service you offer on Fiverr so instead of making the translaction IRL ask them to buy your service through Fiverr.

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In buyer request, One buyer request gets a high number of requests by sellers. so the chance to get a reply can be low. Don't worry about it and keep sending professional descriptions of your service to the buyer. Also, try to share your gig, and if you got any orders try to get some more orders from that buyers and keep them returning. 

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