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Not Even One Sale From The Date Of Joining ! :(


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I don't have a single sale till now :(


Is anything wrong with my gigs :'(


All my gigs does have views but no orders, I do VFX stuff like logo animation, white board animation, etc.,


Any tips will be appreciated :)


Please Help Me


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hi mate, when did you join fiverr? getting orders is really tough on fiverr these days- i’ve looked through your gigs and they look pretty nice, maybe a couple of video’s might help out . Have you tried promoting your gig on social media? try and post on a few groups related to fiverr and hopefully you’ll get some sales coming in

Best of luck mate.

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Reply to @inspiredtony:

I joined fiverr 9 months ago 😦

But poted the gigs a week back, I’m getting views but now able to get any sales.

Hey I can create a goo intro vid for ya !!

why dont you order mine 🙂

Anyways Its your wish 🙂

Nd thanks for the advice mate 🙂

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