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So how to protect our gig gallery from thiefs?


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As an illustrator I know exactly how it feels to see your work in some other profile or used without your consent. That said, this is the internet, and so, theres no effective way to prevent at 100% that anyone steals your images from your gallery or any other portfolio you may have. The only thing you can do is report the accounts if you come across with such situation.

Even most people might think this reports won't work, I once found a webpage that used my illustrations for t-shirts without my consent, but at it was a private website they obviously won't respond, so I initiated a claim with Google and once I prooved that those images where mine, they un-indexed the webpage. Maybe is not much but it was a little victory.

When you say that "you are the copyright holder", you mean of the images you sell? technically if someone pays your for an image is theirs, and if you include commercial use for them, they can resell or reuse it if they like.

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9 hours ago, anaraliyev said:

No, I mean gallery images, which you upload to show your works

I think that it will have the same effect if Fiverr's watermark. If someone wants to pick and edit the image, they will.

Also, the only way to do that will be including an image in the delivery with that note and that can be awkward for the buyer.

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