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a competitor user can destroy your gig and take your place in no-time


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Hey there,

so I'm gonna talk here about what i consider as a "loophole"

Im a lvl 2 seller on fiverr, I've always had loads of orders and long queues to the point i had to pause my gig for months before i finish the work and unpause it again,

for about 3 years i never had a negative review, i actually had only two "4 stars reviews" the rest were all 5,

until recently when I blocked a client that i did not want to work with again because he asks for too much extras (and ofc as a seller you have to comply)

2 days later i've been restricted from using "Promoted Gigs" i knew then that he did a private negative review, but it was ok for me because i don't really need that feature,

the problem was that i had 0 orders in 5 days which was weird, it was until 10 days that i found out i was shaddow banned by the algorithms and placed in the very last page of the search,

i looked that up here in this forum and saw Top Sellers getting that shaddow ban from 10 days up to 7 months! some of them used fiverr as their main and only income stream, so that was disasterous for them, (i use fiverr as my main and only income stream too btw)

so basically .... a rival user, who have a gig that is same as you but not as rated as you, can simply get a client account, place order at your gig , negative reviews you in private and boom you're gone, you're at the very end of search with 0 order and he gets to take your place.

any clue for this ?






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well, fiverr algorithm doesn't work that way, its used to shuffle gigs from 1 to the last so the prosperity can spread through i guess. if you look very well not all those on the first page have 5 star rating. so i will suggest you keep doing what you're doing and in no long time you will bounce back.

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8 hours ago, djamzdegreat said:

(i use fiverr as my main and only income stream too btw)

Then it’s very unwise decision. You basically decided to gamble your whole income and life and it seems that this round was not in your favour 🤷‍♀️ 

you should never build all your life and potential income on a volatile algorithm. I wouldn’t even call it a business with your business model of betting it all on fiverr. 
To have a sustainable business and income you need to have crisis strategies in place from downtimes and few income streams. 

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