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Can't find my way in...


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Hi, my Fiverr experience is a bumpy road.

  My name is Ahmet and I'm from Turkey. I am providing my customers with data analyses with SPSS or mentoring them through the process. I've been trying to find my place on Fiverr for some time now. It's been like 6+ months.

My first account got disabled due to ethical rules...

(To be honest, I think that way. They just gave me a list of reasons. I don't know which one.)

   It was kinda my fault. I couldn't take grasp Fiverr's reality since it was my first freelancing experience through the web. I thought I can learn with time. I have little knowledge about YouTube, they send you warnings if you do something wrong or against their policies. 

   After my first account was disabled, I sent many emails or tried to contact Fiverr's help... I couldn't get any *good* answers for at least 1-2 months. It was a robotic written paragraph that repeats the things I said or my problem back to me. I've tried to prove that I am serious about Fiverr, not some robot or spammer, etc. 

   I get the outcome months after while trying to log in. "Your account has been disabled." message welcomed me... Then I said, "Well, it was my first try, and seems like I made some stupid mistakes. Let's try again, more carefully, and do more research". I made another account. I tried to make everything perfect at my first account already but I polished them again at my second account.

   It won't be surprising but it didn't get approved. I learned that via e-mail with the "We cannot approve your seller profile" label and again I couldn't get an answer as well... It was a disappointment. 


"But Ahmet, why do you keep opening one after another?" 

Because I don't have any idea why I did not get approved or get my account disabled. I couldn't find any answer to any of my questions. I went trying everything that can occur problems.

  • "I had a random stock photo girl in my gig photo." - Changed to my recent photo.
  • "Description might be unprofessional" - Went through some research and looked at other people's gig descriptions *I thought* I figure it out.
  • "I might sound like a "hit-and-run" type of seller" - I've put my old projects and published academic research.
  • "My experiences might be the one with the problem" - I have worked with a company that does surveys of Universities. I thought it might have been caught to "Ethic rules"
  • "Maybe I am setting my gigs too early after I sign in" - I left my account untouched for like 1-2 months...

Then I realized it can be the cause of my older accounts that I thought were closed. It's my latest account. Others are disabled or I deleted them with my hand cause of "I have another account". 

It's my latest account. I didn't even click to the "Be Seller" button yet. What do I do? The only thing I have on my mind is making everything once again from gig and profile pictures to anything that comes to mind. I've even watched the starter guide videos...

What can I do? Should i send e-mails describing my situation? Ive even thought to record a video. 😄


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I agree that it seems harsh, but there are thousands of new accounts created every day on Fiverr. Fiverr asks users to review their ToS when signing up and users are responsible for reading and understanding all of rules. Fiverr doesn't have time to keep track of every offender. Spam is also a huge problem on the platform (with spammers opening multiple accounts). So Fiverr has to be vigilant in enforcing these rules.

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