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Fiverr Affiliate Program promotion stratgies


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I have been into Affiliate Marketing for near a decade now and I must underline that the Fiverr Affiliate Program is on the list of the best. Beside the affiliate tools which make it possible to promote and track sales, the services/products are uniquely unlimited.

Every GIG on fiverr can be promoted and commissions earned. Fiverr is all about solving problems. That's what brings about your success in the Affiliate Marketing industry. If you can help readers solve their problems, you gain some access to their wallets.

I have seen marketers paste affiliate banners on their sites which is great. But you must go beyond the limit of banners to create impact in the industry:

  1. Pick a GIG that solves a problem
  2. Create content on your blog on the problem the GIG solves
  3. Drive traffic to the GIG for the solution to the problem

A couple of things to note before promoting a GIG as affiliate:

  • Buyer reviews and ratings
  • Package prices
  • Repeat buyers
  • Etc

Every blog post that aims to generate affiliate commissions must point out two things:

  1. The problem
  2. The solution

The product/service you promote must have the value to solve the readers' problems. Without this, you may as well forget about the commissions.

Good luck

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