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How many fiverr sellers also buy from that same account?



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4 hours ago, utilis_design said:

Hi there. Are there any statistics that I can access which tell how many fiverr sellers buy gigs from that same account, and what their selling to buying ratio is for that account?

The closest would be the Seller Plus Buyer Insights.

If you are on Seller Plus, you get insights on each buyer and can see what they typically order, how often they tip, their order completion rate, how much they usually pay per order, what their rating is as a seller, what their rating is as a buyer, what ratings they typically give to their sellers, etc. It's a lot of information, and sometimes the buyer will opt out of sharing some of this information.


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I am a fiverr seller who also buys from my account, but it's only very rarely. One or two times a year, usually related to improving my own gig or for a personal fun project. E.g. I boughta gig image design because I suck at graphic design, and I sometimes buy art from people on the platform to give as gifts for fun. 🙂 No statistics on this but just some anecdotal answer!

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