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Not getting any order


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Hello there,

I am Jerin from Bangladesh, a new seller in fiverr. I have published my gig for last few days but my gig impression and clicks are not growing up much. Please advised me something how can i grow my gigs impressions & clicks and get my first order here. You all guys here are a senior or experience persons , please help me to find out if my gig everything is all right. 

Thank you.

here the link of my gig


Hope that you guys will definitely help me.

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There could be many reasons why your gig impressions and clicks aren't increasing. When a buyer browses a gig, there are 2 things in front of them: the image and the gig title. So, make sure your title and images are look like eye-catchy. And also you have to optimize the gig proper way.


Before, I also couldn't get impressions and clicks. when I do those things. Then it works.

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