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Planning to start selling? New on Fiverr? Little low on sales? Let me share my experiences


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Before I start I want to make a small point. I don’t consider myself as successful as most of the sellers I find here but I decided to write what I’ve written below to share my experience along the journey I’ve had as a seller. Hope it’ll be of help in some way 🙂


That’s what we all dream of, correct? That’s why we start doing most of the things we do in life. Don’t we? I bet that’s one of the things which I’ve had in my mind when I joined Fiverr and started selling. I still do.

I will share my experience as a seller in phases.

Phase 1 - Before I stared to sell

Before I started to sell anything here on Fiverr what I did was do a bit of research as to what I could possibly offer and found out what I could offer. To make that decision I had to do what other sellers are selling, compare what’s there for me to do with the skills I possess and make the right choices.

Phase 2 - Starting to sell

After I did my reading and research, I decided to start selling. Again, the information which I’ve gathered during phase 1 became important to me as it taught me what might actually sell. I thought about gig titles which just might tell the buyers what my gig offers in a short sentence, made attractive images for gigs, created videos as instructed by Fiverr and forum (It actually helped), matched the gig title to the gig description and mentioned everything in there which I thought might help make the buyer understand my services.

Phase 3 - Getting sales

After I created the gigs. It was time to start earning some revenue. This was tricky and I had to have patience throughout this phase. But eventually it paid off. People started to make purchases. The trick was to have a equally matching gig title, images / video and description which served the purpose of showing what you actually had to offer.

I have also sent responses to ‘Buyer Requests’ posted on the ‘Sales’ section. Also, shared my services on social media and among the people I knew.

I also learned that getting new orders isn’t just enough. You have to keep the buyer happy by giving tips, extra gifts and complements. Believe me all that client support pays off. A majority of the buyers I’ve had were returning buyers who were satisfied by my previous deliveries that they’ve decided to make new purchases. Some were so happy that they recommended me to their spouses, friends and family.

I hope this helps you out. I know that I must have missed some important things. If you know of such points, please share them below. If you ever want my help, please feel free to contact me anytime. I just love to help people out with anything I can.

Sam 🙂

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