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Buyer Requests- Real Buyer or Fake Buyer


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Hello! Everyone, hope you guys are doing great here. Well, it's a very common and acute trouble nowadays. What is this? We have been seeing it so while that there are quite a lot of Buyers Requests coming from sellers account on fiverr. What is their purposes? Why they are doing such an irrelevant stuffs on fiverr. Is this because of they are trying to get their profile, gig impressions by posting these kind of Buyer Requests or they are getting ideas how a job proposal should be look like? NO ANSWER. On the other hand, fiverr doesn't allow to use any extension which may create some conflicts to fiverr browser. After sending any job proposal, there we can check that out- the proposal we sent, has it really reached to the real Buyer? We become very disappointed after seeing it 😥. Is there any way to get rid of this? Fiverr should take some deposit from the Buyer (either real or fake) and once the job is successfully done then the deposit should be adjusted. Hoping for the BEST  🤝

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@shimul8693 - if you browse the forum, you'll see that Fiverr is trying to tackle this issue by making upgrades to Buyer Requests. It will eventually be replaced by Buyer Briefs that do allow you to report sellers who break the rules and use the feature inappropriately. You will also be able look at your offer in your inbox, communicate directly with the buyer, and withdraw your offer if you get too busy or no longer want to take on the project.

You can read more about these changes here:



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