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Barrr! New sheep joining the Fiverr Flock


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Hello Gals & Guys, My name is Paul, and I’ve just joined Fiverr. I haven’t created my first Gig yet as I like to look around first, and become accustomed to my new environment. I also have a few questions I’d like the answers to before dipping my toe in.

I’m in the UK, and I’d like my first Gig to be a physical item. Is it possible to change the currency to £’s and restrict my buyers to the UK? Is this possible?

Thank you for your time


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Thanks for the replies guys…

Maybe Fiverr isn’t the place for my physical goods and I’ll only use Fiverr for any digital services I can dream up 🙂

(Fiverr, please add International Currencies, surely there must be a call for this!)

Ang, if you want to network please keep in touch 😉

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