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How can I improve my gig impression?

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8 hours ago, shimul8693 said:

Check your competitors gig, how to elaborate, what about the keywords, how's your activeness on fiverr? Check everything to your competitors those are in first page from fiverr search results. 

yes check your competitor's gig,

find them as i offer to search

1-search your topic in 3 different words

2-search for the sellers gigs with badge (top seller or seller LVL 2), (Fiverr choice is better to find), (pro Fiverr is not really important they get what they want anyway)

3-pick only sellers who have the most amount of reviews, higher the number is showing that he comes in all searches on top.

4- 2 sentences are important, all words that are used on the topic second one is its tags.

5- remember you have to lower your price as much as you can, i have started my 2D drafting gig with $5 per plan, now It's not so different after 6 months, but it is working with more thank 18K impression in month.

6- share your gig every month on your LinkedIn, twiterr, Instagram, QUORA, PINTEREST

7- " this is not a sure thing but I'm giving it a shot "

look there seems to be a rotation on Fiverr for every seller, every gig of a seller will be removed from first page, no matter how much is it good, how much it has impressions, almost no one know why this happens, but it will. I'm going to build up some different gigs with different categories to see if it happens to them as well or not. the different between these 2 categories are almost 6 or 7 months.

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10 hours ago, filipdevaere said:


Can you explain this?

i explain what i have understood about it, people with pro-fiverr tag has pretty high fee on their gigs, you can find them services with almost same quality if you search more, Pro-Fiverrs are qualified on Fiverr so more serious project are related to them, in my case project that are going to be confirmed to build (architecture and interior design). they are trusted with their experience and abilities on Fiverr for everyone who can see their gigs.

best way to a new seller is to find sellers with other badges like top-seller, or sellers with grate amount of good reviews.

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