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Buyer wants me to sign additional contract. What do I do?


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Below is the buyer's message:

"All of our sellers must agree to sign a contract that provides their contact information and assigns ownership, moral, related, royalty, and all other rights to the buyer. This is to ensure a smooth transaction and to protect both parties involved. Please be advised that Fiverr allows users to sign additional contracts as explained in their support documentation. This information is essential for any contract that two parties plan to sign.

Fiverr's comment is not an issue here. The need for confidentiality, and protection, among other things, is very important to our clients. In other words, if no contract then we will not be moving forward with your services. If you agree with signing a contract using the same credentials you used to verify yourself as a seller on Fiverr, please let us know so we can proceed. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know."


My response: Fiverr does not allow sellers to share their contact information.


Buyer's response: Yes, they do in a contract as mentioned in my message. We have done it several times already.


This person created his/her account in July, 2022. 


What do you guys think?


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The buyer is right. 

Sometimes, additional contracts are necessary for work such as for rights distribution, NDAs, etc. In these cases, you do need to give things like your name and address at times, it's just how they are formatted. In these cases it is ok to do so as it is necessary for the work. Fiverr allows you to give external contact information when required for contracts, or the work required (for example, if someone is setting up a website for you, they may need an email address to sign in to the website host. You are allowed to give this).

I'd recommend reading the terms and conditions so you understand the rules and exceptions well 🙂

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First of all we cannot tell you if you should or should not do it since signing a contract is quite of a serious business, even outside of Fiverr.

The only thing I know is that you ARE allowed ti sign NDAs as per Fiverr terms. That is no issue, on the contrary, bigger companies always need freelancers to sign NDAs, especially when outsourcing work on a platform like this one, that's completely legitimate, and the platform itself understands it. 

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I found this post because the buyer asked me millions questions and different work I can do etc.. and he wanted me to work for nothing like $20 - 25 to do what usually I would charge $50 -100 but he claimed he wants long term relationship and will provide a lot  of orders. I said I can try but once I agreed  he told me he will send me contract to sign as he wants long term relationship.  I told him I do not sign contract for $25 as lawyer fees about $600 + to take a look in the contract only.  The buyer stop answer as it might be good sign for me. I know he wasted my time for  4 days asking me  all the questions but I feel I saved my future time and headache.. 

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