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Sharing the Gig on Twitter, Pinterest and Quora but the impression are not increasing .How can I improve gig impression and click?


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Hi @wjobayer, Welcome to the forum!

Impressions and clicks are only related to buyers who are using Fiverr's search to find your services. If people are visiting your gig through your gig link, they aren't using search. So sharing your gig links, although it might increase traffic to your gig, won't increase your impressions or clicks.

To increase your impressions and clicks, make yourself relevant in search. This includes having titles and tags that are relevant to what your buyers are looking for. This also includes how well you, as a seller, are performing against others in your category. If you are doing well, you'll be found in search more often. And if your gig is attractive enough, buyers will click on it to see your gig page.

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