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How does on-time delivery rating work?



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Hi @customqo - Welcome to the forum! 😊

To answer your question:

56 minutes ago, customqo said:

One of my orders was delayed for about two hours. Will it lower my on-time delivery rating a lot? Or do I have a grace period for it?

Yes, it will lower your on-time delivery rate. And no, there isn't a grace period.

Since you have only 3 orders (all this month) and 1 order was delivered late, your on-time delivery rate is 66.7%. You can improve that rate by delivering orders on-time. You can increase your delivery times before the order expires to avoid delivering late. I always ask for time extensions on projects that require more time than the originally agreed upon timeframe.

Your on-time delivery rate includes the last 60 days of your performance, so after 60 days, this late delivery will fall off of your record. You need at least a 90% on-time delivery rate to get promoted to Level 1, along with the other required seller metrics.

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